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United States, a country of many opportunities-check visa categories before immigration

The United State of America has been the eye of many immigrants around the world. The country is made up of whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Alaskas, Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. The country’s workforce includes professional, technical and management positions. This is in its agriculture, forestry and fishery as well as manufacturing, transportation and handicrafts. It can also include business units, offices and other services.

Although the country is currently facing many problems, it still provides a democratic system that provides equal opportunities for people who desire and are eager to realize their dreams. As we all know, the country has made significant progress in the medical field and modern technology. This happens in aerospace, automotive, petroleum and steel, electronics, communications, food processing and mining industries.

They also have the best university system, especially now that they have implemented the policy of “don’t let any children fall behind”. Whether you want to stay in the United States for business, leisure or forever, make sure you know how to get there. The main requirement is a country pass called a US visa.

You can apply for the following types of visas.

R-1 visa

This is a visa issued to people who have connections with religious institutions and are invited by religious organizations to work in the United States. Initially, you can keep it for 3 years and then extend it for another 5 years. The spouse of the worker’s child can participate voluntarily but is not eligible for long-term employment. Children of the visa holder also have the opportunity to learn.

K-1 visa

A type of visa issued to foreign nationals that allows them to marry a fiance who has US citizenship.


This is a non-immigrant visa issued to foreign companies that have operations in the United States and the United States so that they can transfer certain employees to their branches in the United States. This is only valid for 7 years. Employees with management, executive, and professional positions are usually employees sent to the United States.

H-1 to H-3 visa

These targets are professionals who want to work temporarily in the United States, such as teachers, SPED practitioners, farmworkers and nurses.

J-1 visa

This is for tourists and students who wish to visit the United States for cultural exchanges. Applicants should be aware that they are only temporarily staying in the United States and therefore must present the funds used to pay for their stay in the country. If a spouse or a child under the age of 21 wants to accompany the applicant, he has the right to apply for a J-2 visa, he can study even without a student visa, but he is not allowed to work.

F-1 / M-1 visa

These are for students who wish to continue full-time or professional studies. The spouse of the visa holder can apply for an F-2 supplementary visa. Students must provide other documents such as transcripts, diplomas, US standardized test scores, financial documents to show that they can afford tuition and living expenses, passports, other photos, and if you have dependents, please provide proof of their relationship.

The student can stay according to the number of years allowed by the degree. This type of visa will only be issued after students have obtained the admission certificate from the American university they are applying for.

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