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Cyprus Travel Guide – Examine the cost of living, health care services and residence permit in Cyprus

If you have never considered retiring to Cyprus, why not? The country is an attractive opportunity for retirees in many ways. Apart from year-round sunlight, Cyprus has all the essentials for retirement: excellent healthcare, a relatively low cost of living, a comfortable lifestyle, lots of fun activities – and perhaps most importantly for you – retirement – there are tax rates. Too low for retirees.

Maybe you are just a few years away from retirement and start planning your future. If you are still active, your retirement in Cyprus could be the beginning of your new life. Retirement in Cyprus allows you to enjoy a new life and the joys of a beautiful Mediterranean island and you are safe knowing that apart from all the sun, all the necessary things in life are taken care of.

Medical care in Cyprus

Another thing that could influence your decision to retire to Cyprus is your level of health care, which is an important priority regardless of your age. Public and private health facilities in Cyprus have a high standard and because The Republic of Cyprus is a member of the European Union, pensioners from other EU countries are entitled to free or reduced health care in the public sector. Retirees must obtain form E121 from their country of origin and from the UK from the Department of Labor and Pensions (see contact details above). Upon arrival in Cyprus, you will need to take E121 to the health center or government hospital where a medical card will be issued for you. There are two types of health cards, one for free medical treatment and one for low cost treatment. The type of card you receive depends on your annual income (including your pension) and personal circumstances. Additional information is available on the website of the Cypriot Ministry of Health.

The cost of living in Cyprus

The cost of living is another important factor if you are thinking of retiring to Cyprus. Although prices have risen in recent years, they are still relatively low, especially compared to other popular pension sites. Fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables can be bought cheaply in season and a meal at a local bar costs on average around € 16 per person, including wine.

Leisure and golf activities in Cyprus

If you are wondering what to do in all this free time, Cyprus offers countless entertainment activities to keep you busy and active. There are hiking and biking trails along some of the scenic natural trails on the scenic Akamas Peninsula, horseback riding and all kinds of water sports or skiing in the Troodos Mountains in winter. These are just some of the small options to enjoy the wonderful outdoor lifestyle in Cyprus. There is also a lot of golf – a very popular hobby for Cypriot retirees. For those who love the game, Cyprus actually has three championship golf courses near Paphos and one near Limassol. The Cyprus tourism organization is committed to setting up 14 golf courses on the island over the next few years, and several well-known golfers such as Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus have borrowed their names to develop the golf course. The final training course is under construction outside the town of Larnaca, in the village of Tersifano, and is scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Residence permit in Cyprus

So, if you have decided that Cyprus is the right place for your retirement, all you need to know now is how to apply for a residence permit. You can stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days without permission if you are a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of any other country, including the United States, Canada and Australia (a full list of eligible countries is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Cyprus). You must apply for an immigration permit (category F) through the Immigrant Department for Aliens and District or the Immigration Department of your local police station. There are departments in every major city. You must submit the application (in form M.67) with proof that you have sufficient annual income to support you. The current minimum is 5,600 Cypriot pesos (approximately 7,600 pounds / 9,600 euros), although each case is considered separately for its benefits. The amount is per person and there is an additional amount of 2,700 Cypriot pesos (3,700 pounds / approximately 4,600 euros) per dependent. Residence permits are issued for a period of five years and are usually automatically renewed upon request.