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Comprehensive guide on How to Apply For A Denmark Green Card as an immigrant

Danish green card holders obtain a three-year residence permit to find a job and then live and work in Denmark. The residence and work permits under the Green Card program are issued based on personal assessment using the immigration point system, which is designed to assess the applicant’s likelihood of finding a qualified job in Denmark. Points are awarded based on education level, language skills, work experience, adaptability and age. The program provides bonus points for immigrant applicants who work in the EU or obtain a European education qualification. Only applicants whose jobs are scarce in Denmark and mentioned in the positive list can apply for a Danish green card.

Denmark Green Immigration Card-accompanying spouse and children

If you are licensed under the Danish green card system, your spouse, registered partner or domestic partner and any children under 18 who live at home with you are also eligible for a residence permit. Your family members must be self-sufficient and must live together in Denmark at the same address. Your spouse, registered partner or domestic partner can work full-time for the entire validity period of your license.

Danish Immigration Green Card-Duration

According to the Green Card Program, the residence permit can be granted for up to three years and can be extended up to four years. Your residence permit can only be granted or extended for three months before your passport expires. This means that if your passport expires after 12 months, you can only be granted a 9-month license, or your license can only be extended for 9 months.

Immigration: Danish green card extension

If you have worked at least 10 hours a week in the past 12 months, you can extend your residence permit for 4 years. If you are unemployed due to no fault of your own (for example, due to layoffs), and your residence permit can be extended for one year, and not more than three months before applying for an extension, and you worked for 12 months before that. At least ten hours a week.

Danish Green Card-Required Documents

*Translation: Any document in a language other than English that is part of the application must and must be translated by a local translator authorized by the state or city. He will translate and certify that the translation is authentic, and will provide you with a copy of your registration certificate as an authorized translation.

*All family members in the application form must provide a copy of their passports. The copy must include the cover of the passport and all pages of the passport.

*Documents of education level (diploma, examination certificate)-please note that the documents provided must include all degrees/diplomas and grade tables. An only college degree is required, namely undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate. Also, the applicant must provide the full address, email and phone number of the educational institution. Applicants must also provide the names, telephone and email identities of two officials of the educational institution.

*Work experience documents (declarations from previous employers); these will be employer reference letters, which contain all relevant details such as establishment and release dates, names, duties and responsibilities, etc. in the required lines in Australia and Canada.

*Language skills documents (diploma, exam results and/or e-statement)