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Finding a job from overseas could be somehow stressful; check how to go about it

Most migrants need a job offer to obtain a work visa. So, finding a job is likely your first mission before moving to New Zealand.

Looking for work from abroad

Most employers in New Zealand are open to hiring people from abroad if they cannot find people in New Zealand for jobs.

There are many websites designed to connect overseas workers with employers in New Zealand. Employers who post jobs on these sites may have more experience in hiring migrants. The work and worksite in New Zealand are good sites to look at.

Employment services for skilled immigrants

Online Kiwis online recruitment service is a free national service for skilled immigrants and their partners. Matches it with employers who need their skills.

Regional programs for migrant jobseekers

Newcomer skills matching programs and job search assistance build links between job seekers and employers who need their skills.

Recruitment companies

New Zealand employers often use recruitment agencies or agents to find suitable employees, especially for specialized, high-level jobs. You can register in more than one company. The job market in New Zealand is small, so it is important to keep track of who you have contacted about jobs and when.

You do not need to be paid to the company or agent because they get money from the employer when hiring someone for a job.

Success in job interviews

Your overseas experience is valuable, so you must know how to effectively communicate this to New Zealand business owners.

The employer’s guide

New Zealand interviews can differ from what you are used to. New Zealanders are completely unofficial, and this will be reflected in the interview process. You may also find that an interview is made by anyone from one to three or four people and that the person you are interviewing is of the opposite gender.

Before the interview, find out as much as possible about the potential employer. Think about your skills, how they apply to the role and practical examples you can provide to support your suitability for this job. Dress smartly to make the right impression and make sure you arrive on time.

For professional roles, job interviews are usually behavioral interviews. By understanding this process and knowing the frequently asked questions, you will know how to present your skills, qualifications, experience, and expertise in a way that New Zealand employers understand.

In behavioral interviews, you are asked to provide examples of how you have acted in previous work situations. The questions will ask you to describe this situation and what you have done to reach a solution or goal.