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Career guide – Top tips for student accommodation in Ireland

Like any aspect of life in Ireland, preparation is the key to success. This mantra is as true when it comes to finding the best student accommodation as it is for anything else. With that in mind, here are five important tips that all students in Ireland should keep in mind when looking for a place to live:

Find the location of your campus: this may seem obvious, but many students in Ireland, as well as those from abroad, do not do sufficient research to identify the location of their third-level campus before their arrival. As a result, they end up looking for accommodation far from where their classes will take place. The accommodation market is competitive enough as in Ireland, so do not give yourself any additional obstacles to navigate looking for a place to live in the wrong area.

Explore your options: don’t just search online for “Dublin accommodation” or “rent in Galway” and expect to find the room of your dreams. Instead, be specific and detailed in your research. Plus, by using student accommodation resources from your chosen university or tech institute and familiarizing yourself with our helpful rental accommodation guide, you have a much better chance of success.

Apply early: it can be a cliché, but as far as the supply of student accommodation in Ireland is concerned, the early bird catches the worm. It’s no wonder that student options fill up extremely quickly, often months in advance. Not only are Irish students looking for a place to live, but there are also thousands of international students who come to Ireland to study each year.

Know what you want: While it is true that the choice available to students in a competitive rental market is limited, you should always know what you want. By having a clear idea of ​​whether you want to live in student accommodation, an apartment, or a private house with friends or a host family with a local family, you can refine your search and improve your chances of finding an ideal life.

in mind: Just like the process of choosing a course to study at an Irish university or technology institute, it’s important to have alternatives in mind when it comes to finding student accommodation in Ireland. Yes, very few people indeed appreciate the added stress of compromise and the unexpected, but you must anticipate the unexpected or run the risk of being left empty-handed. After all, you are allowed to apply in different student accommodation until the time you pay your deposit. You may have to compromise on some of your requirements, especially if you are looking for accommodation at the last minute.

The challenges of student accommodation in Ireland

Rent is more sought after and therefore more expensive in Dublin than elsewhere in Ireland. That said, the other three major cities in the Republic of Ireland, each home to several third-level institutions, have a very busy rental market. In turn, this made it more difficult for students to find suitable accommodation.

Also, Ireland is currently experiencing one of the most acute accommodation crises in the country’s recent history. The origins and solutions of this problem are debatable, but one thing that is not disputed is that it affects almost everyone in the urban and suburban rental markets, including students. The shortage of suitable accommodation options particularly affects students since they are often forced to live near campus in downtown locations. Also, they may not be able to work many hours due to their studies, thereby reducing their earning potential in the short term (but hopefully increasing this long term potential through their studies – it is a compromise in a way).