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Study Abroad – Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Poland

Poland is located in the center of Europe and is bordered to the west by Germany. From the north to the Baltic Sea, from the northeast to Russia and Lithuania, from the east to Belarus and Ukraine, and from the south to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The climate can be as varied as the landscape, from 30 ° C in summer to -6 ° C in winter in certain areas. The population of this country is about 38 million. There are 1.9 million students from all over the world.

The word “Poland” reminds us of cold, or perhaps cold, meat. But for an increasing number of people, Poland has become an attractive and affordable option to study abroad, especially for Indian students.

1. The previous record

The history of Polish academic history began in the mid-14th century when King Casimir the Great founded the Krakow Academy, now known as the Jagiellonian University, the first State Ministry of Education in the world. Almost two centuries later, the Jesuit College of Vilnius was transferred to the Vilnius Academy. Thus, at the end of the seventeenth century, the kingdoms of Poland and Lithuania had 3 major universities that provided university education for national and international students.

2. Value for money

Tuition fees in Poland are much lower than those in other study destinations, and the costs are rarely more than 2,800 euros per year, which is a greater saving compared to other European countries. Warsaw is a cheaper place to live than many cities in Eastern Europe, including Prague, Bratislava, and Tallinn, according to the cost-of-living arrangement in Mercer. For personal expenses, students can choose to work part-time during the semester and full-time employment during breaks, which is permitted by universities such as WSGE universities.

3. Student life

Poles take higher education seriously and honestly, so Polish students often have a full-time schedule and they have to work hard. Universities in Poland offer more than one subject so that students receive a major in one field but at the same time general education. Outside the university in Poland, there is a social life for students with nightlife and things to do in student cities. The University offers accommodation for students, but they can also choose their apartments.

4. How to apply?

Applicants to study in Poland must ensure that they meet the entry requirements for each course (such as administration, information technology, engineering, pharmacy, nursing, graphics, multimedia, etc.) that they wish to apply to. The easiest way to apply to a Polish university of higher education is to consult all foreign education consultants in the country. A leading foreign professional educational advisor is equipped to guide the student through the correct procedure and also ensures that the student begins his studies in Poland on time. Valia is one of the pioneers of studying in Poland in India and is the official Indian recruitment partner with many leading Polish universities. The entire application process takes no more than 45 working days on average.

5. After graduation

In Poland, progress after study is very favorable for students, as a student, if you want to stay there, even after you have obtained a diploma, you can extend your “residence permit”. And if someone is interested in science and technology, there is good news for you, as companies like Microsoft, Intel, GlaxoSmithKline, and Google are setting up their bases in Poland.