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Migrate to Canada and find out How to Get a PR for Ontario as an immmigrants

Ontario is a great place for immigrants. According to the Canadian immigration program, these people can apply for resources here (Ontario Immigration Nomination Program) as needed. This nomination program requires employers to sponsor employees to work in the province.

Employers can hire through two programs, one for general categories of candidates, and the other for international students who have job opportunities in the province. If a candidate has been nominated by a province for permanent residency in OINP, then they must submit their application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship in Canada), which is finally approved by IRCC. In the general category, employers can hire employees who live outside of Canada or foreign workers who live in Canada who meet all legal requirements. They must submit an employee nomination form that mentions their current residence status.

To qualify for Canadian immigration to the province, candidates must provide job opportunities in various occupational categories. These categories are skill types 0, A, and B. The employer nominating the employee should have obtained permission from the Ontario government.

The other type of employee is international students who have been offered a job offer in the country.

Employers interested in nominating employees under the Ontario Immigration Nomination Program should follow these steps:

1) Interested employers must provide a pre-qualification application to the Ontario Immigration Candidate Program to apply for positions that want to hire non-Canadian citizens. Employers should submit such applications as soon as possible because such applications are given priority.

2) Recruiters approved under OINP must provide a nomination application under this plan.

It is important to apply as soon as possible for these two types of immigrants from Canada to Ontario because, in 2016, the province decided to restrict 5,500 candidates under these two programs.

Another category of workers eligible for nomination under the program are graduates who have completed a master’s or doctoral degree in the province and do not even need any employer-provided jobs. Those international students who do not have such a degree must obtain a job offer from a valid employer in Ontario to be eligible to immigrate to the province from Canada.